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Moving Tips

Here are a few essential tips to consider before, during, and after your move to make sure you get the most value.


While we do offer full service moving, should you not go that route, nothing makes a move go smoother than being packed and ready to go!  Make sure you have as many of your items packed in boxes and taped closed as possible.  Nothing slows a move down more than tons of clutter and miscellaneous items unpacked or in the path your movers must navigate out the door and to the truck.  So a rule of thumb is always, THE MORE READY YOU ARE, THE MORE MONEY YOU SAVE.


New House, New Start!  Right?

So why lug all that stuff you've been eyeing to get rid of to the new place,  Level15 also provides Junk Removal Services so you don't have to haul all that history into your future.  Its quick, easy and can be done before, after or even during your move.


If you go the route of packing yourself, using good strong boxes that are similar in shape and size can go a long way in making your move a success.  While every crew has an experienced truck Packer (that pro tetris player) having all square boxes is always your best bet for a smooth move.


Your movers work really hard, 8-12 hour days sometime 7 days a week.  Especially in the really busy summer months.  Moving is a service and tipping is always encouraged for your movers.  

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